Friday, February 09, 2007

louisa and alain

Now I am reading Louisa May Alcott's Collected Thrillers (originally published under pen names) and Alain de Botton's The Architecture of Happiness. The Alcott is great for taking my growing daily task list out of my head at bedtime and de Botton is a wonderful, mental transport through language to the surface and structure of memorable places while I'm waiting for my son to come out of swim practice in the evening.

What do you read at bedtime or while waiting in the car?

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  1. I read junk mail and take naps in the car while I'm waiting for kids to emerge from their activities. I also keep a volume of Carol Shields short stories and various poetry books (Denise Duhamel and Ed Hirsch are a few of them) to read. That Julie and Julia book was very funny, expecially how candid she was about the weight gain and the rash she and her husband developed on their abdomens from eating so much butter and bacon. I wanted to send her some good olive oil or non-stick spray!