Monday, October 29, 2007


Why is it that so dang many readers of this blog are too shy to ask questions or discuss books on the blog? I am back-channeled weekly with questions and requests like this:

Who is Natalia Ginzburg?
Please talk more about Alain de Botton!
Why don't you write about more Polish poets?
Have you read The Red Tent? I think you'd love it.
I love Lucia Perillo's poems and worship her candor.
It sounds like you have kids. Please talk about children's books for we who are steeped in motherhood.
Have you read the essays of Ed Hirsch?

I do answer the email and thanks for writing, but I would really love it if we could have it out on the blog so other people of like mind (or opposing mind) can have a chance to participate in the discussion, too.

I am going to write more on Natalia Ginzburg. I feel I should explain my earlier comment about autumn now that October has come around again, but I need to head to the office now . . .

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