Saturday, February 02, 2008

shy, not shy

I have to laugh at myself.

I considered deleting the blog after reading an article about how we should spent more time with loved ones and less time on the computer. Then I realized I only spend 5 minutes a week on this blog! We are a family that actually has dinner together every night and has a great time, so , not to worry. But then I decided to open this blog just to the few friends/loved ones who occasionally read it. I asked myself
why is this goofy notepad open to the world when it is just my quick, random thoughts and lovingly collected links?

A few days after I did this I logged on from the computer of a friend and blogger said, "Only invited guests can cross the threshold of Much Ado!!" I exaggerate, but that left me feeling isolated and worse:
pretentious. I got over myself and reopened the door to all who care to receive a mere 5 minutes a week of whatever.