Sunday, October 14, 2007

ilana, and biking in paris

I am now reading A Life of One's Own by Ilana Simons (Penquin Books, 2007). It's a comforting-to-hold, insightful book blending theories of living from the books, diaries and letters of Virginia Woolf with those of the author and several social scientists. After reading the chapter titled Change Routines I decided to add the link (click on Ilana above) to this biking in Paris article. This would be my fantasy of an extended changed routine! In the meantime, I am happy taking a break to cycle about in my neighborhood.

BTW: I finished the Miranda July stories and found them to be appealingly breezy no matter how unsettling the actions of her characters. I am studying her sentences to see how she does this.

The casserole book is back on the shelf. In the realm of my kitchen, assemblage is not as easy as sauté, stir-fry or broiling. I did make the apple crisp (adding fresh cranberries) which turned out fine.


  1. Hi Reader,
    I'm sorry if this is a double post, b/c I just posted, and it seemed to have failed. But thanks for mentioning my book, and I'd love to talk to you about it if you'd like.
    My last post also said that I just sold my bike. Sad me. But the other psosibility for a change in routines are deadeningly long walks. No wheels needed. Will do.

  2. Wow-thanks for writing. I do want to talk about your book. I am saving the last few pages for a moment when I can concentrate properly. Lately we have had several house guests and I've been rehabbing a small building to use for a writing house (ROMO--Room of My Own!) in the side garden, so my reading time has dwindled for good but temporary reasons. Thanks again for chiming in. You are my first prose author to do so.

  3. Dear Reader! I am looking for the link to biking in Paris...please tell where to find it. I biked in Paris 35 years ago and can remember so many details. What an adventure. Am hungry thinking of your pies.

  4. Click on the headline "ilana, and biking in paris" to find the article. tell me about your adventure!