Saturday, September 29, 2007

james and miranda

I read a few pages of Crazy for Casseroles by James Villas (Harvard Common Press, 2003) today. There are many recipes that include heaps of sour cream but I think I can adjust them by using 0% fat Greek yogurt instead. I will report back with any tips. I'm thinking casseroles would be good to add to my list of foods that can cook in my oven (which turns itself off with a timer) while I'm driving to swim practice or other errands. Usually I just pop a chicken in the oven with some carrots and potatoes and go, or I make something that takes 15 minutes (pasta, burritos, or broiled something) right after we get home. I'm thinking I could assemble some of these casseroles and freeze them on weekends, if it is possible to squeeze in another chore on weekends . . .

I also just started reading No one belongs here more than you. Stories by Miranda July (Scribner, 2007). The first story is kinda freaky and lovely. I hope to read more tonight.

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